Sexuality and Violence Against Women Workshop


In the last 20 years, the women’s movement in Nepal has relentlessly fought to address the unequal power equation that led to violence against women.  In contemporary Nepal, the parameters of violence against women have broadened and so has the definition of a woman. It is time that we recognise gender identities and sexual orientation and move from “ against women” to “ violence based on gender”. A young women unable to access information on sexual health or a lesbian person forced to leave a rented place due to her gender identity must be included into the realm of sexuality and violence against women. Sexuality needs to be perceived beyond sexual violence, and as a human right.

In this context, LOOM recently concluded a three-day intense discussion in January 2018 on sexuality and violence against women with women activists, media persons, LBT activists, and young women respectively. The objectives were to unravel the mystery on why the word sexuality is unacceptable, its linkages with violence against women and multi-generation dialogue with newly elected women leaders on sexuality.

The report will be uploaded soon.


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