Know Us


LOOM works towards harnessing the collective power of women through multi-generational activism, where activists across ages and experiences connect, organise and transform structures that obstruct our equality.

We are a group of individuals and organisations dedicated to movement building, young women’s leadership, sexuality and bodily integrity, LBT rights and feminist politics of the Internet. LOOM works at local and national levels.

Loom believes POWER is the result of constantly being somewhere, adressing something specific. We are here based on the constancy women have shown in equating against patriarchy. We believe our power is as who we are.

LOOM engages with individuals and collectives of women across generations, class, and society promoting the belief that a new women’s movement is the result of knowing what we did in the yesteryears and being open and eager to see it move forward.


An equal society where women from multi generation have access to agencies and have freedom to decide for them and communities based on political participation and ownership.


As a group of women who wants to make a difference, we are new age campaigners affirming towards sustainable women’s movement. Mainstreaming what is not, integrating what has been excluded. We desire to set platforms for us to weave our stories, thread our dreams, and bring the fundamental change that we foresee and aspire.

Strategic Objectives (2017-2021) -” strengthening feminist activism”

1. Deconstruct generation gap through common platform where women exchange knowledge, experiences and aspirations.

2. Support movement and initiatives of young women to transform discriminatory social norms and promote equality and dignity.

3. Women of diversity to make informed choices around bodily integrity, and challenge structures that impede freedom.

4. Reclaim and engage politically with the internet as a feminist space for digital movement building and freedom of expression.

What We Seek

LOOM recognises that structural and fundamental change is a gradual process, yet possible through the building of collective power that strengthens agencies and creates social change.

+Generation gaps are deconstructed through an identified common space where knowledge, experiences and aspirations are shared, exchanged and reproduced and new feminist agendas are set.

+Support for the momentum of movement of young women to transform    discriminatory social norms and values and assert rights.

+Change in actions, perceptions and stereotypes around gender and sexuality  is galvanised towards an affirmative approach.

+ Collaboration between and across movements on sexuality, internet, gender justice amongst women’s rights, LBT, and internet rights activists.

Our Team Members


Pushpa Joshi, Young Feminist Activism,


Shiwa Karmacharya, Internet and Sexuality Project,


Ursula Utsaha Singh, Monitoring Knowledge and Learning,


Gita Thapa, Multi-generational Activism,


Juna Lama, Office assistant


Jyotsna Maskay, Advocacy on the intersection of women’s rights,

Our Board:

jyotsna 3

Jyotsna Maskay, Chairperson


Shobha Maya B.K, Vice-Chairperson


Bishnu Neupane, Secretary


Sarita Dahal, Treasurer


Sarita Bhusal, Member


Ursula Utsaha Singh, Member


Sarada Bhattarai, Member

Our Advisors:

  1. Bhumika Shrestha (Trans Activist)
  2. Rita Thapa (Women’s Rights Activist)
  3. Jitendra Rajbhandari (Chartered Accountant and Finance Consultant)
  4. Shaun kirven (International Human Rights Law Expert)
  5. Nalini Singh (International Women’s Rights Activist)