Sexuality and Violence Against Women Workshop

In the last 20 years, the women’s movement in Nepal has relentlessly fought to address the unequal power equation that led to violence against women.  In contemporary Nepal, the parameters of violence against women have broadened and so has the definition of a woman. It is time that we recognise gender identities and sexual orientation … More Sexuality and Violence Against Women Workshop

LOOM at Feminist Forum Province-2

Feminist Forum Province no. 2 was successfully organized from 9-11 February 2018 in Lahan, Siraha with the slogan, “Women’s bodily integrity, labor and recognition is a pre-requisite of federal republic democratic new Nepal.” The primary issue discussed during the forum was ‘The challenges of human rights in the republic state and harmful traditional practices. Session … More LOOM at Feminist Forum Province-2

Unpacking the education in Sexuality

The term Comprehensive Sexuality Education is usually familiar for the people working for Sexual and Reproductive health and rights or adolescent, but for a layman its integration of three complex topics together. Before I join this sector 8/9 years back I didn’t have any understanding of the Comprehensive education, until I started exploring it intensely. … More Unpacking the education in Sexuality

Dear Sugar Radio

Orgies. Sex in public. Incest. These are the things that some of us think about in the dark. Taboo fantasies can be exciting, but they can also be the source of our deepest shame. In this two-part series on sexual fantasies, the Sugars read letters from people who want to turn off the thoughts that … More Dear Sugar Radio