What We Do

Since 2015, LOOM has been experimenting and formally working in the area of internet and sexuality in collaboration with Association for progressive communications (APC). The core concerns of freedom of expression, sexuality and online violence has been included in our strategy plan for 2017-2021.

We collaborate with young women individuals and networks, mother’s group, Women Human Rights Defenders and women’s rights organisations to bridge capacities on bodily integrity and women’s movement to transform structures that inhibit equality.

+ We bridge feminist leadership and collectives of women’s rights activists and between activists for learning and support, solidarity and sustainability.

+ We engage in Feminist Epistemologies as a process to collectively produce new and diverse knowledge that dismantles patriarchy, challenges the status quo and sets new agendas. Our space in Kathmandu works as a hub for workshops and exchanges to generate momentum that fuels women’s movement.

+ We advocate for the recognition of sexuality as bodily autonomy and human rights rather than prevention of diseases.

+ We engage with the internet as a political space; we recognise that online violence is a manifestation of offline violence and we build and promote a digital movement that addresses such phenomena.

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Our Programmes


Body politics, feminist politics of internet, bridging young women’s leadership and multi- generational activism are key forces that thread our feminist solidarity to gear towards sustaining work of the women’s movement.  The core programs are; Young Women Meet, internet and sexuality project, Multi-generational collaboration and interlinking generations of feminists.



Collaboration with allies and partners forms a key ingredient to address a common cause, and to collectively advocate for freedom and human rights. Our key allies are women’s rights organisation, LBT activists, young women activists, internet rights activists, Academia IT professionals, among others.

The core programmes are; multi- generational collaboration, building movements of young women, formation of advocacy groups, engaging in debates and discussions on debunking myths around sexuality with LBT activists and women’s rights activists, and  generating evidences and information on internet sexuality for strengthening our advocacy and campaign for gender and sexuality inclusive internet governance.



Is a hub based in Kathmandu open for shared office space, organising discussions around feminism sexuality and movement building or just a space to relax with a cup of chai.


4.  Internet and Sexuality Project

Women’s access is limited due to different barriers like social, cultural and economic circumstances. Women’s Freedom of Expression especially sexual expression is curtailed in the offline space which gets manifested in online space too. Since technology can be very effective for advocacy and movement building, LOOM tries to build cross-movement collaboration with gender rights and sexual rights activists, community radio, bloggers, slam poetry to challenging discrimination, exclusion and setting innovative strategies to respond.


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